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Flexible Work and
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Phyllis Moen
Phyllis Moen

Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly

Flexible Work and Well-Being

Phyllis Moen
Principal Investigator at University of Minnesota

Dr. Phyllis Moen is one of the nation's foremost scholars of the life course, with numerous studies of the nexus between occupational careers, health, gender, families, policy, and the social organization of work. She has published widely, applying a life-course theoretical perspective to work-family conflict and well-being; couples' strategic and gendered adaptations to the work-family mismatch; and role transitions and trajectories.

Erin Kelly
Principal Investigator at University of Minnesota

Erin L. Kelly, Ph.D., is Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota and an affiliate of the Minnesota Population Center. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2000. Kelly's research investigates the adoption, implementation, and consequences of work-family and anti-discrimination policies in U.S. workplaces. She and colleague Phyllis Moen direct the Flexible Work and Well-Being Center, which is part of the Work, Family and Health Network supported by the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control. She has also investigated non-compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, how U.S. companies manage flexible work arrangements, and the effects of corporate affirmative action, diversity, and family policies on the representation of women and African-Americans in managerial positions. Kelly received the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Work-Family Research (in 2000) and has published articles in leading journals including the American Sociological Review and the American Journal of Sociology.

Project Manager

Rachel Magennis

Rachel Magennis is the Project Manager for the Flexible Work and Well-Being Center at the University of Minnesota. She received her B.S. in Sociology at Iowa State University and her M.A. in Sociology at the University of Missouri- Kansas City. Her thesis was titled, "Factors Associated with Burnout Among Social Service Workers." Before working with the Work, Family and Health Network, she worked on an evaluation of a credential program for social service workers which educates frontline social service workers to create partnerships with families they assist by assigning responsibilities to both worker and family members.


J Michael Oakes
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
University of Minnesota
Division of Epidemiology & Community Health

Michael Oakes is an Associate Professor in the Division of Epidemiology & Community Health and co-Director of the University of Minnesota's US Census Research Data Center.

He is an active researcher and frequent principal investigator on a wide variety of NIH, NSF, and RWJF funded studies addressing a vast array of methodological, health, social, and ethical topics.

Dr. Oakes has authored over 100 papers exploring problems at the intersection of social and health sciences. His first book entitled Methods in Social Epidemiology was released in 2006; the second edition is now being completed.

Dr. Oakes is known for his work on how social stratification undermines causal inferences drawn from many common research designs and multilevel statistical models. His work on the identification of "neighborhood effects" is widely known.

Dr. Oakes teaches several doctoral-level courses, including "Design and Analysis of Group Randomized Trials;" "Advanced Epidemiologic Methods;" and "Social Epidemiology" Among other honors, he was named a McKnight Presidential Fellow and recently won both his school's highest teaching honors.

Dr. Oakes is Associate Editor of Health & Place; on the editorial board of the Journal of Causal Inference; Senior Scientific Advisor to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Healthy Eating Research program; Chair of one of UMN's IRB panels; and Vice Chair of its Conflict of Interest committee.

Katie Genadek
Research Associate
University of Minnesota, Minnesota Population Center

Katie Genadek is a Research Associate at the Minnesota Population Center and the Flexible Work and Well - Being Center. Katie received her PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota in 2012; her areas of research include economic demography, labor economics and quantitative analysis. Her dissertation was focused on work and family, specifically she analyzed couples' work schedules and the impact of divorce on time allocated to work and family. Katie also directs outreach and user support for the IPUMS data projects.

Pat McGovern
University of Minnesota, School of Public Health
Division of Environmental Health Sciences

Andrew H. Van de Ven
University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management
Strategic Management and Organization

Phyllis Moen and Erin Kelly

FWWB Staff

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